Working Commission on international issues

The Commission on interaction with foreign public associations and non-governmental organizations is responsible for:

- implementation of international cooperation aimed at improving state regulation in the field of technological safety and security in the use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes;

- facilitating the exchange of views and information between interested parties, experts and Rosatom state Corporation on international cooperation in the peaceful use of nuclear energy;

- study and generalization of the experience of foreign countries in solving environmental, environmental and social problems in the field of nuclear energy;

- study of foreign experience in terms of optimization of management of formation of public acceptability of nuclear energy;

- cooperation within the framework of international cooperation and integration on the development and use of nuclear technologies and physical engineering;

- interaction with international organizations, foreign non-profit non-governmental organizations, opinion leaders on the implementation of the activities of the Public Council outside the Russian Federation;

- participation in the international Congress and exhibition activities devoted to nuclear technological innovations and the use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.