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Samoilov Alexander Sergeevich

General Director of SSC FMBC (Federal medical biophysical center) named after A. I. Burnazyan FMBA of Russia, Doctor of medical Sciences, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Short biography:


Taking the start in the Voronezh medical school, in 2002 he graduated with honors the Military medical Academy named after S. M. Kirov (St. Petersburg), specialty "Medicine", here was an internship. He graduated the adjunct at the Department of military surgery of the Military medical Academy named after S. M.  Kirov (St. Petersburg). In 2015 A. S. Samoilov was awarded the title of assistant of professor. In 2008 he defended his thesis on the specialties "Surgery" and "Safety in emergency situations". In 2016 - doctoral dissertation, which he built on his own scientific and practical experience in optimizing the system of medical and biological support of athletes of Russian national teams of winter sports. He has an MBA degree in "Management in health care" by Russian presidential Academy of national economy and public administration.

Labour activity:

  • Since 01.08.1996 to 25.01.2010 he served in the armed forces of the Russian Federation: he began his professional career as a cadet, and then as an Intern of the Military medical Academy named after Kirov, continuing his service as head of the medical service in the Arctic (Vorkuta, Komi Republic). He was a senior researcher at the state research Institute of military medicine of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation, then led research in the field of military medicine as head of the military scientific Department of the military scientific Committee of the Main Military medical Directorate   (Moscow). He is a combat veteran.
  • After dismissal from the armed forces, from 2010 to 2012, he worked as Deputy chief and then Head of the medical and biological Department of FSUE Research center of Pediatrics "Pharmzaschita" of the FMBA of Russia (Moscow). From 2012 to 2015 he headed FSBI «Federal research and clinical center for sports medicine and rehabilitation» of the FMBA of Russia (Moscow).
  • In February 2015, he was appointed as CEO of the Federal state budgetary Institution «State scientific center of the Russian Federation - Federal medical biophysical center named after A. I. Burnazyan» of the FMBA of Russia.

Awards and achievements

  • A. S. Samoilov maintains an active research activity: he is the Chairman of the Problem Commission No. 1 NTS Federal medical and biological Agency of Russia «Nuclear medicine and sanitary-hygienic problems of radiation safety», a member of the Problem Commission No. 5 NTS FMBA of Russia «Medical-biological problems of high performance sport», a member of the dissertation Council D208.072.07 at the Russian national research medical University named after N. I. Pirogov on speciality 14.03.11 «Rehabilitation medicine, sports medicine, physiotherapy, balneology and physiotherapy», a member of the working group on the development of sports medicine of the Council under the President of the Russian Federation for the development of physical culture and sports. Author of 337 scientific papers in the field of medicine, has developed and implemented several copyright tools and methods of treatment of diseases, the author of patents for medical inventions.
  • A. S. Samoilov was directly involved in the medical support of the preparation and holding of the 2012 Summer Olympic and Paralympic games in London, the World Summer Universiade in Kazan, the 2013 World athletics Championships in Moscow and the 2013 World martial arts Games in St. Petersburg. As the head of the Federal research and clinical center for sports medicine and rehabilitation of the FMBA of Russia, he provided medical support to sports teams of the Russian Federation during the preparation and holding of the XXII Olympic winter games and XI Paralympic Winter Games in Sochi.
  • A. S. Samoilov has gained a serious international reputation as an expert in the field of radiation protection. He represents the interests of the Russian Federation in the Scientific Committee on the effects of atomic radiation at the United Nations ( UNSCEAR), the International atomic energy Agency (IAEA), the International Agency for radiation protection (IRPA), the nuclear energy Agency of the Organization for economic cooperation and development, etc. A. S. Samoilov successfully directs scientific and practical work on the regulation of radiation safety in the North-West of Russia, carried out in close cooperation with the state administration of the Kingdom of Norway for nuclear and radiation safety (NRPA). Winner of the award named after V. M. Kleczkowskiy on radiation safety of the environment.
  • Awarded the Order of Honor, medal of the order "For merits before the Fatherland" II degree, medal "For distinction in providing athletes of national teams of Russia", badge "Veteran of nuclear energy and industry", badge of the I degree of the State atomic energy Corporation "Rosatom" "For contribution to the development of the nuclear industry", badge of the State atomic energy Corporation "Rosatom" "For safety in the nuclear industry I degree", medal of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia "For combat cooperation", medal of the FSB of Russia "For interaction with the FSB Russia, medal of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation "For assistance", badge of EMERCOM of Russia "For merits", etc.
  • A. S. Samoylov was awarded the state award of the Russian Federation "Order of Pirogov".

Since 2016 – A. S. Samoilov is a Deputy of the Council of deputies of the municipal district of Shchukino in Moscow.