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Nikitin Aleksandr Konstantinovich

General Director of LLC EPC "Bellona" (Environmental human Rights Center), stock captain of the first rank.

Short biography:

Born on May 16, 1952.


In 1974 he graduated Sevastopol Higher Naval engineering school with a degree in nuclear power plant engineer submarines.

Labour activity:

  • From 1974 to 1985 - served on nuclear submarines of the Northern fleet -Senior mechanical engineer (Chief engineer).
  • In 1987 he graduated the Department of nuclear power plants, shipbuilding faculty of the Naval Academy named after Admiral Kuznetsov. Specialization - organization of operation of nuclear facilities.
  • From 1987 to 1992 - Head of nuclear safety Inspection team of nuclear installations of the Ministry of Defense.
  • Since 1994 - Expert of the ecological Association "Bellona".
  • Since 1998 - Head of the Environmental human Rights Center "Bellona" in St. Petersburg.

Author and co-author of books and expert analytical reports:

  • "Northern fleet - potential risk of radioactive contamination of the region" - 1996
  • "Floating NPPs of Russia - a threat to the Arctic, oceans and nonproliferation" -1999
  • "Nuclear Arctic - problems and solutions" 2001
  • "Russian nuclear industry" 2005
  •  «Floating NPPs» - 2010
  • "The Andreev nuclear Bay" 2009
  • «About the economy of Russian nuclear energy» 2011
  • "Nuclear fissile materials" 2012

Awards and achievements:

  • Author of many articles for "Newsweek", "Democratization", "Ecology and law", etc.
  • Laureate of many international awards for achievements in the field of ecology, for contribution to the development of freedom of speech and protection of environmental human rights (including the Goldman prize (the highest prize in ecology), The French prize of the edict Of Nantes, the International PEN Center, the Freedom of speech Foundation, the Ukrainian Man of the year in the category "ecology", the Association of American scientists, the international PEN Center, the German Association of lawyers, the Green Party of Sweden, etc.).
  • In 2004 was nominated for the Nobel peace prize along with senators Sam       Nunn and Richard Lugar. Member of the New York Academy of Sciences.