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Zhavoronkin Sergey Nikolaevich

Secretary of the Public Council for the safe use of nuclear energy in the Murmansk region

Short biography:

Born 06.01.1951 in the city of Chernyakhovsk, Kaliningrad region


In 1974 he graduated the Leningrad sanitary-hygienic medical institute, the same faculty with a degree in «Sanitary hygiene».

He received additional education in the main profession at the advanced training courses in the institutes of advanced training in Leningrad and Moscow:

  • «Occupational health in the building materials and construction industry».
  •  «Radiation hygiene.»
  • «Modern hygienic problems of workers' disease rate, environmental protection in industrial enterprises».
  • «Topical issues of radiation medicine and emergency care in an accident».

In the field of additional education in ecology and environmental management was trained: the Russian-Norwegian program «Clean production» with the International certificate of the union of Norwegian engineers (NIF), courses DETNORSKEVERITAS, CERTIFIKAEOFTRAINING - International certificate on system of environmental management (ISO 14001), NORSK ENERGI, ECON analysis, Professional certificate in the program «Enhancing opportunities for joint implementation».

Labour activity:

  • From 1974 to 1981 he worked as a sanitary doctor on occupational health of the city sanitary station, head of the Department of occupational health of the Murmansk regional sanitary station.
  • From 1981 to 1989 he worked at the Central medical-sanitary unit 120 of the Third Main Directorate of the USSR Ministry of health, industrial hygiene laboratory at Distribution Transformer Substation «Atomflot» (previously Base 92 Murmansk shipping company) as sanitary doctor of work hygiene.
  • From 1989 to 2003 - Chief radiologist of JSC "Murmansk shipping company".
  • From 2003 to 2007 - Director of the Murmansk regional public organization "Bellona-Murmansk".
  • Since 2008 - Secretary of the Public Council for the safe use of nuclear energy in the Murmansk region.


  • Co-author of the reference document «Guidelines for the management of radioactive waste generated during operation and maintenance of civil atomic fleet» RD 31.20.25–95 and the reference document «Technical and Organizational requirements to ensure nuclear and radiation safety during the docking of vessels with nuclear power installations and vessels of atomic-technological service» 31.21.17 RD–95
    Passes his experience down to the younger generation, lectures on the discipline «Principles of organization of waste-free technologies» at the Department of ecology at Murmansk State technical University.
  • As a regional representative of the Russian-Norwegian program «Clean production» as a result of the work organized and trained in the region more than 400 engineers of leading enterprises.
  • Has experience in working with the Executive and Legislative authorities of the region, preparation of guidance documents, expertise of project documentation, inspections of industrial enterprises of various industries (metallurgical, mining, ship repair, including repair of civil nuclear ships, etc.).
  • Has the skills of system management, strategic planning and development, writing normative and technical documents regulating the field of nuclear and radiation safety, research and writing articles and reports.
  • The ability to establish intersectoral relations in society, citizenship, good communication skills are additional positive factors for the professional activity of the expert.